Proximus Delivers A Great Buyer Experience Using Showpad


Proximus, the leading national provider of telephony, internet, television and network-based ICT services, was founded in 1994 as a joint venture between Belgacom and AirTouch. With over 14.000 employees, Proximus wants to distinguish itself in the area of customer experience and therefore has been a Showpad customer since 2015.

Like Showpad, Proximus is always seeking for an opportunity to deliver the best customer experience through tools that enhance their interactions with buyers.


"The tool itself is very user-friendly, very intuitive. It's helping us boost interactions, generate more leads, and gives more insights on marketing collateral."

Video Transcript

Prior to working with Showpad, what were some of your business challenges?

The challenges we had before Showpad were based on the fact that we have a lot of products in our portfolio. We have a lot of Salespeople and we’re always looking for tools to enhance the interactions between Sales and Marketing and our customers to generate leads and revenues.

How did you approach setting up Showpad so your sellers could find content?

Well, we started more or less from scratch. We didn’t want to copy all our libraries into Showpad. We started from scratch and we can see that the content we have now is up to date. It’s also from a layout point of view, very fresh and very unique and very coherent. This is one of the main accomplishments we’ve had until now.

What are some of the wins you’ve experienced after implementing Showpad?

Well, certainly we’ve seen some improvements in our business on several levels. First of all, the efficiency has gone up significantly. Efficiency in Marketing and within Sales. So the content is more easily shared, it’s more easily transformed into Sales. Next to this, you have an increase in effectiveness. So the Sales, they see after their meeting, what happens if the visit was successful, what content was shared within the customer. And also for us, it’s very interesting to see what collateral is used and where we should invest more time to develop.

Tell us about your customer experience with Showpad.

Until now, we’ve had a fantastic customer experience. Showpad is dynamic. It’s always ready to help us. In a consulting way and a professional way. The tool itself is very user friendly, it’s very intuitive. So it’s helping us to boost interactions and to generate more leads and to give more insights about Marketing collateral.