Puppet partners with Showpad to empower better buyer and seller enablement

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With headquarters in Portland, Oregon, software company Puppet creates a portfolio of continuous automation solutions that accelerate the building and deployment of applications across a company’s entire infrastructure estate. A mid-sized company with about 500 employees around the world, Puppet’s customer base primarily consists of Fortune 1,000 companies.

Early in 2018, the company was facing a challenge. Its previous knowledge management software wasn’t designed for Sales Enablement and made sharing materials difficult. Content lived on Puppet’s website and internally on Confluence and shared drives, but Salespeople couldn’t easily find and share it. The Marketing team was publishing content on different platforms — Google Drive, YouTube, its website, and blog — but none of it was centralized in one place.

“Everything was everywhere,” Gia Lyons, Senior Director of Go-to-Market Enablement, said. Puppet needed to reduce Sales cycle friction and give Sales more time with their customers. They needed to reduce time spent searching for content, make content easily accessible and shareable, and encourage Salespeople to share content more frequently. Because Puppet is mid- sized, the company wanted an easy-to-use platform that didn’t try to do too much.

"The tools our reps use need to be so easy that even if they never got any training they would be fine,” Lyons said. “Showpad’s vision and culture of buyer and seller enablement aligns with what we were trying to accomplish."