Creating a Unified Content Management System at Rockfon

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Rockfon is a global provider of acoustic stone wool and metallic ceiling solutions and suspension systems. It is a subsidiary of Denmark-based Rockwool International A/S, the world’s largest producer of stone wool products and has a network of local sales teams, subsidiaries, agents and partners.

With a portfolio of 1,500 metal profiles produced in 15,000 variations, Rockfon’s European organization struggled to maintain consistency and ensure its salespeople were sharing accurate, up-to-date technical information with customers. Showpad offered the company a quick and easy way to communicate relevant information with clients and buyers.

"We were looking for a solution that we could start small, evaluate, and scale accordingly and Showpad fit that match completely."

Video Transcript

What is Rockfon?

Rockfon is a leading provider of acoustic stone wool and metallic solutions for ceilings and walls. So basically, we make products for the building industry. We have, in Europe, around 200 sales reps; US, 50 and Asia also 50, so around 300 sales reps all over the globe.

What challenges was Rockfon facing?

We have a lot of difficulties by spreading the correct information, to the correct platform, to the correct end user. And the end user, in our case, is the architect.

We sell trust because we have a lot of technical information on our products, and what we, as marketing, need to do is bring that trust not only to the end user — who is an architect in our case — but also to our own sales organization. A sales guy doesn’t need to worry about the numbers he is showing; it should be the correct numbers.

Why did Rockfon use Showpad?

We were looking at a solution where we could start small in a pilot, that we could evaluate very fast, not in two years, but very fast, and that we could scale accordingly because we are a global company. And Showpad fit that match completely.

I think usability of the platform for the end user is a key factor in the success of this product in my company. I always tell my sales guys, “We were all born with 10 fingers, and even when during your lifetime you lose nine of them, you can still use Showpad and you can still sell our products.”

The level of maturity makes it easily fit not only on an enterprise level, but even when you have a small company I think that Showpad could be a benefit.

What are the main benefits of Showpad?

I always say that technology and sales tools should be as easy as water and electricity. You switch on a lightbulb; you tap water. Because a sales guy will not interact with a difficult sales tool; they won’t go to share point and check in and check out files; they don’t go to a portal or to a website when it’s too complicated. What I like most of Showpad is it’s a very usable, understandable tool.

Most of all I as a marketer I can bring all my assets where they should be: on the table between the architect and my sales guys — and I think that’s the biggest benefit of the product itself.