Improving Sales & Customer Relationships with Showpad

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ScanSource is a global provider of technology products and solutions, focusing on point-of-sale, barcode, physical security, video, voice, data networking and emerging technologies. Its team provides value-added solutions and operates from two segments, Worldwide Barcode & Security and Worldwide Communications & Services.

ScanSource’s sales team was facing several challenges. Sellers were using outdated print catalogs with customers, and had minimal awareness of available marketing content for engaging buyers and closing deals. To improve the relationship the organization had with its current and prospective customers, it turned to Showpad.

“We quickly realized that Showpad offered everything that we needed to solve our problems.”

Video Transcript

What is ScanSource?

ScanSource is an international distributor of specialty technology products. We’re specialized in the distribution of wireless network equipment, mobile computer equipment, ruggedized computer equipment and everything that has to do with barcode technology and RFID technology.

What was ScanSource looking to solve?

The main focus of ScanSource is to make the content and the app available for our resellers, and that’s the main project that we are currently running.

The actual solution that we were looking for was just a replacement of our annual product catalog, so we were looking for a very simple solution. And only because of the introduction and demonstration, we found that with Showpad we actually could use all the multimedia marketing material that we have available.

What made you decide Showpad was the best solution for you?

We were convinced that if we were to provide this tool to our resellers that they would actually use it. Creating and offering tools and applications is one thing, but what would be the usage and acceptance? And we knew that after seeing all the features together it was more than what we were looking for, and we knew it would cover everything that a reseller could ask for.

Creating a separate division where resellers could access that in the cloud and push their own content; I think that was the final one that made us take the decision to actually do it because that gave us the opportunity to offer to our resellers 100% content management, where we manage 80% and the reseller manages 20% of his own content.

What results have you seen with Showpad?

We made Showpad available for field sales and inside sales, and I think the effect is that in field sales, I think we’re seeing as even more professional than where we were before because of the usage of tablets and Showpad. And internally you can see, and also externally, that we share much more marketing content than ever before. Now that it is easily available, it makes it easy to share. So, I think for marketing guys that spend a lot of time and energy and money on creating all these fantastic videos and marketing presentations that there’s more usage than ever thanks to Showpad

Working with Showpad is the smarter way of working, and that’s it.