How Scope Ophthalmics Creates a Culture of Coaching with Showpad

Scope Ophthalmics

Scope Ophthalmics provides high-quality, effective and innovative pharmaceutical products in the U.K. and Ireland.

The company utilized Showpad to upgrade its sales training and coaching program, ensuring consistent processes and brand messaging.

"One of our really big challenges was consistency. We know now with Showpad that everybody's singing from the same hymn sheet."

Video Transcript

Why Showpad?

We’ve recently launched Showpad Coach following on from a successful period with the Showpad Content platform. And the reason we implemented those was around three main challenges for us in terms of sales and marketing. One was around material use. We produce a lot of material for each of our products and they’re set to help the sales team deliver the messages as we feel will help the sale, but we have no real concept of how much they’re being used or whether they’re being used at all. Secondly, it’s around positioning of the products. There’s a certain amount of that positioning that goes with the materials, but also around training. So to make sure that the sales teams are able to position the various products in the best possible way, we’re now able to look at that through the materials they use, and how they do that through PitchIQ, for example.

What are some of the benefits to using Showpad?

I think the three key benefits Showpad’s provided for Scope has been giving us the ability to put KPIs in place for our marketing team. Once you have KPIs in place, you’re able to see … you’ve a little bit more visibility on what the return on investment is. It’s about reducing our carbon footprint, as well. We’ve already been able to reduce the amount of print that we get, and we will be reducing that over the next coming years as well. And finally is an improvement in communication between sales and marketing. So now with notifications on Showpad, and the ability to communicate really, really quickly with the sales team, there’s a much better understanding as to what sales and marketing are doing, and we’re able to communicate much quicker and much more efficiently.

What challenges has Showpad been able to solve for Scope?

One of our really big challenges was consistency. We know now with Showpad that everybody’s singing from the same hymn sheet. They all have the exact same materials, and we know that they’re on brand and delivering the correct positioning to the product.