IndigoVision’s Sales Enablement Experience with Showpad



IndigoVision is a global developer of open, end-to-end video security solutions, including video management software, HD security cameras and network video recorders. The company’s products are trusted worldwide in more than 10,000 installations.

The Sales and support teams at IndigoVision were looking to create more consistent messaging that accurately represented their products. Showpad served as a pathway to better Marketing tactics and as a result, drove an increase in Sales.

"How easy Showpad is to rollout and also send out documentation to everyone within the company. And I really love how responsive Showpad is to issues we're having."

Video Transcript

What were some of the Sales challenges your company was facing prior to implementing  Showpad?

We were facing challenges with our Sales team and support teams around the world where they were just not talking about our products right. They were talking about the wrong product names. They were advertising the wrong product features, that type of thing. They were also creating rogue presentations, which is very annoying, especially when they were using terms that we didn’t want used. Showpad helped fix all of those issues, which was fantastic.

How has using Showpad impacted  the seller experience?

Since making the restructure changes, we’ve seen everyone basically start using it a lot more. All of the usage has gone up probably by about 50%, which is fantastic. All of the content is in a lot easier location to find, so people aren’t complaining about not being able to find something.

Can you talk about Showpad implementation?

We implemented Showpad quite fast. As soon as we’d made the decision that we wanted to use it, we just rolled it out straightaway. We obviously had the issue of people not using or not talking about the products correctly. We just wanted to get it out there and get them up to speed. We rolled out it to all of our Sales agents at our annual summit for all of them. They came to Edinburgh, we rolled it out, gave them iPads. All super excited about that, so it was fantastic.

What stands out to you about working with Showpad?

First of all, I have to say the people. Everyone who I work with at Showpad has been fantastic, always very helpful. The second thing I love about Showpad is how easy it is to roll out and, also, send out the documentation to all of the people within the company. Then, the third thing that I really love is how responsive Showpad is to issues that we’re having. It’s really good to supply feedback, have that feedback heard and then see changes rolled out to help you and your company, and I assume others around you as well. That’s fantastic.

How has your experience been since implementing Showpad?  

We just won the Indirect Sales Enablement Channel Award, so we’re really excited about that. Basically what happened is when we first introduced Showpad, we had a structure in terms of our channel setup. It wasn’t being used as much as what it should have been, so we restructured and we did that based on some research from speaking with the Sales and support teams. Then, since the restructure was rolled out, we saw that they were using it a lot more which was fantastic.