Showpad Accelerates GTM function with Appointment of Chief Customer Officer and Chief Revenue Officer

December 6, 2022

 Khoros alumni, Virginia Miracle and Doug Grigg, will double down on Showpad’s customer and revenue strategies

Showpad, the global leader in sales enablement technology, has strengthened its leadership and go-to-market teams, with the appointments of Virginia Miracle as Chief Customer Officer and Doug Grigg as Chief Revenue Officer.

As the Chief Customer Officer, Virginia Miracle, brings more than a decade of experience serving in various high-profile chief customer officer roles at organizations including Khoros and Upland Software. With a successful career built around the evolution of customer success motions across a diverse portfolio of notable software products and customers, Virginia has a proven track record of growing organizations she’s led, and is passionate about word-of-mouth marketing. At Showpad, Virginia will lead the Customer Success, Professional Services, and Customer Support teams. 

“Virginia will be critical in helping us to think strategically about how we approach customer success and satisfaction across the organization,” said Hendrik Isebaert, CEO of Showpad. “Her experience is invaluable and together we’ll drive better, more engaging, and personalized customer experiences – the heart of what we do at Showpad for our customers. In partnership with the revenue organization, Virginia will help to shape and drive Showpad’s consistent path to growth and deliver on our promise of game-changing sales enablement for our customers.”

Doug Grigg brings more than 20 years of experience in the tech industry to his role of Chief Revenue Officer at Showpad. He has held leadership roles at a number of enterprise companies including Marketo, Plex Systems, Inc., and most recently Khoros, and has extensive experience selling to traditional businesses. Doug will lead the Solution Engineering, Revenue Operations, Revenue Enablement, Partnerships and Sales teams at Showpad.

“Doug has unparalleled experience that will help us build the go-to-market traction that will deliver on our ambition to establish sales enablement as a mission-critical function for all B2B organizations,” added Isebaert. “As the sales enablement market continues to grow, Showpad will continue to grow with it – optimizing the category’s potential as we go. We’re confident in Doug’s ability to help us to elevate our position in key markets we serve.”

This will not be the first time that Doug and Virginia work in tandem; the pair are former colleagues who will bring a tight partnership to the go-to-market teams at Showpad.

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Showpad Accelerates GTM function with Appointment of Chief Customer Officer and Chief Revenue Officer