Showpad Launches Experiences, a New Way for Sales to Engage with Customers

May 11, 2017

First-of-its kind product creates immersive, dynamic presentations from static content


Showpad — the world’s most powerful sales enablement platform – announced today the launch of Showpad Experiences, the industry’s first immersive presentation platform that ensures sales and marketing teams will stay one step ahead of how enterprise customers buy today.

Showpad Experiences will help sales teams the way Waze helps drivers, converting static marketing materials into an immersive, interactive, branded experience for clients and prospects. Today, buyers are more educated about products and services than ever before. The fundamentals of successful sales conversation have shifted away from product details, pricing, and even relationships to more value-driven conversations where the experience has the biggest impact on a successful outcome. More than half of buyers today buy based on the buying experience over any other factor. Showpad Experiences is driven by the acquisition of London-based startup Hickup, which developed mobile sales playbook technology.

“Showpad Experiences is going to change how sales teams have conversations with clients and prospects,” said Pieterjan Bouten, CEO of Showpad. “The acquisition of Hickup furthers our dominant position in this exciting market.”

With Showpad Experiences, marketing can craft new interactive ways of presenting their existing materials without needing to coordinate or create new collateral. And prospects, in turn, have more valuable conversations that dynamically focus on what they need, and only on what they need.

“Showpad Experiences adds value to the way we engage with our customers, ultimately improving our ability to convert more business,” said Graham Leeson, head of communications at Fujifilm. “It increases sales productivity, more deeply engages our buyers and gives marketing the power to control content.”

The core Hickup team, including founder Julien Lescure, is joining Showpad as part of the completion of the company’s acquisition and will continue to focus on product design and development. Several large Showpad customers are already using Showpad Experiences, and today marks the wide availability for more than 1,000 Showpad clients.

Key Showpad Experiences benefits include:

  • Maximize marketing impact on the sales conversation by guiding salespeople to the most relevant content for each conversation. Increase sales relevance by giving the buyer a clear visual storytelling experience and focus on the right content using contextual and segmented navigations that make it easy to come out with the most relevant information.
  • Give salespeople the flexibility to choose the right flow for every conversation, while maintaining control over which documents they can use.

“Showpad Experiences takes marketing collateral and sales team’s’ effectiveness to the next level,” said Lescure. “I’m thrilled to be able to develop products like this at Showpad.”

Showpad Experiences will launch with three templates marketing can immediately use to take advantage of the new platform, with the tools to customize and best meet the needs of their sales teams. More will be released soon after launch.
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Showpad Launches Experiences, a New Way for Sales to Engage with Customers