Showpad Launches Shared Spaces to Help Sales Teams Provide a More Personalized Buyer Experience

March 27, 2018

New feature enables sales teams to build tailored sites for each prospect, allowing for personalized interactions between buyers and sellersMarch 27, 2018 – Showpad, the world’s most powerful sales and marketing success platform, today announced the launch of Shared Spaces, which enables sales teams to build custom sites for prospects and facilitate better, more personalized interactions between buyers and sellers. The new feature helps salespeople better communicate and share content with prospects in a branded, personalized and secure webpage.Navigable, collaborative content
Today’s business buyers have higher expectations than ever before and are only interested in content that is relevant to them. Shared Spaces enables sales teams to build a personalized journey for each buyer, sharing only the content needed for each stage of the buying process, and adding additional content as the deal progresses.By centralizing content in one easy to navigate space, Showpad brings the sales conversation out of email. With Shared Spaces, all the information buyers need is at their fingertips, enabling them to build internal support and consensus. Content can be easily and intuitively organized and branded to provide an experience that’s unique to each prospect.Empowering Account Based Selling
Shared Spaces is a powerful tool to help sales teams move toward Account Based Selling. The feature provides a high degree of personalization, allowing multiple stakeholders from the buyer side to interact and engage in the sales experience. As a result, both sides of the buyer journey can collaborate and have a truly one-to-one experience.Buyers can ask questions directly on each piece of content, eliminating multiple requests for information and allowing for real-time edits. Sales teams can then respond to those questions within the Shared Spaces environment or link to additional content that clarifies or provides additional detail. Shared Spaces also provides sales teams with analytics on content usage, tracking views, interactions and more. The feature is mobile-optimized, reflecting the on-the-go nature of today’s sales environment.

The changing B2B buyer journey
According to Louis Jonckheere, CPO and co-founder of Showpad, Shared Spaces can be an especially invaluable tool for complex or lengthy B2B buying journeys, which can include double-digit file shares, multiple touchpoints and several months of discovery. As the number of buyers in any given transaction increases, Shared Spaces provides a way to reach them all in the most relevant way on their own terms.

“Today’s better buyer experience needs to be value-driven and personalized. At Showpad, we’re always focused on providing better ways for marketing and sales teams to deliver that experience. Shared Spaces gives salespeople a powerful new way to connect with their prospects with an entirely new level of personalization,” said Jonckheere. “It provides them with the most relevant, up-to-date content and collateral, ultimately leading to a better buyer experience and more closed deals.”

Showpad’s mission is to empower both today’s sellers and buyers to sell the way buyers want to buy. By providing a personalized site for content, communication, and collaboration, Shared Spaces is the company’s latest feature that helps makes this possible.

“Account-based selling is the goal for many organizations and sales teams, and Shared Spaces makes that goal a reality,” said Pieterjan Bouten, CEO of Showpad. “At Showpad, we’ve seen that, especially in B2B, the product itself is not the differentiator; instead, the buying experience is what truly makes or breaks a sale. Shares Spaces makes the buyer journey seamless, intuitive, and collaborative, and we’re excited for our clients to use it.”

The Shared Spaces feature will be available to customers with Plus and Ultimate plans. For more information about Shared Spaces, visit

Showpad Launches Shared Spaces to Help Sales Teams Provide a More Personalized Buyer Experience