Data Processing Agreement (DPA)

  • Showpad is exploiting certain SaaS Services, through which Showpad (being a data processor/service provider) will be processing personal data, owned or controlled by its customer (being the data controller) on instruction and on behalf of its customer.
  • To the extent the activities of the Showpad customer are covered by the material and territorial scope of an applicable data protection legislation (e.g. GDPR, CCPA, UK Data Protection Act, Swiss Data Protection act), such applicable data protection legislation may require that the processing of the personal data by Showpad is covered under a data processing agreement concluded between Showpad and its Customer.
  • It is Showpad’s ambition to help its customers to comply with such applicable data protection legislation, and for this reason Showpad is offering its Data Processing Agreement as a self-service template.
  • By doing so, Showpad is able to offer a complete and easy to execute data processing agreement that i) reflects the unique aspects of the Showpad services and processing activities, and ii) that attaches to your subscription agreement to ensure the processing activities remain in line with legal requirements.
  • Click here to review, complete and execute the Showpad Data Processing Agreement:
    • Step 1: Add your name and email to the DocuSign Powerform to gain access to the DPA template
    • Step 3: Review online or download the DPA template
    • Step 4: complete, sign and submit online
    • Step 5: automatically receive a fully executed copy for your records

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