Measure your sales
enablement maturity.

Where are you on your enablement journey? Use our Sales Enablement Maturity Calculator to measure your team’s capabilities in four key areas — and get the actionable feedback you need to evolve and grow.

Enablement is essential.

Sales enablement is crucial to the growth of your sales team and the success of your business.

How do we define it?

Sales Content Management

You align revenue teams around a single source of truth for all your sales and marketing content. You consistently optimize content quality and relevance through feedback loops and insights.

Seller Effectiveness

You give sellers the tools, knowledge and best practices to position themselves as trusted advisors to today’s larger, more demanding buying teams. And you provide scalable training and coaching, and guided selling support.

Buyer Engagement

You have a unified platform where sellers and buyers can collaborate and co-create seamlessly across personalized communication channels and modern storytelling formats.

Analytics & Insights

You deliver empowering data-led insights to sellers at every stage and touchpoint of the buyer journey. You also use insight to create more relevant content, targeted coaching, tailored engagements and greater ROI.

How our calculator works.

Our Sales Enablement Maturity Calculator makes it easy to evaluate how effectively you’re supporting the success of your revenue teams, and provides useful recommendations for how to progress. Before you get started, here are three things to keep in mind:

Take assessment

The questionnaire explores the four core enablement domains introduced above. You can choose to measure your maturity in each area or narrow your focus to the domains that matter most to you.

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Get results

When you finish the questionnaire (or an individual section), you can skip straight to the results – where you’ll find your scores and an explanation of what it all means.

Download report

Lastly, you’ll have the opportunity to download a PDF copy of your own report, which includes the full results of your personal enablement maturity assessment — plus recommendations.

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See the value of enablement.

Try our Sales Enablement Maturity Calculator now to find out where you stand today — and learn how you can transform your organization’s approach from fitfully reactive to effortlessly adaptive.