Virtual Sales Enablement Summit - Setting up Business for Digital Sales in 2020

How to stay productive in a the "new normal."

Setting up Business for Digital Sales in 2020

In light of the current climate surrounding travel and large group gatherings,  Sales Enablement Summit Zürich is now a Virtual Summit.

Now’s the time to ask yourself:

How can remote selling and digital coaching and training help you overcome new challenges?

Please join us to hear how leading companies have successfully supported their teams and driven success:

  • Remote Selling & Digital Coaching and Training (Jim Preston, VP of EMEA Sales at Showpad)
  • How to Build a Sales Enablement Strategy: Get started with implementing digital content and coaching today (Tamara Schenk, leading sales enablement expert)
  • A Sales Enablement Journey: Learn how Sonova and Pentax created a whole sales enablement team around digital content and coaching (Mariia Korzun, Sales Enablement System Manager at Sonova Group)

After the short presentations, we want to open the floor for questions and interactive discussion with all presenters.

Don’t miss out on our must-attend event for every sales and marketing professional!

At this event, you will learn:

    • about effective sales and marketing collaboration
        • how to gain customer insights through analytics for better engagement
            • why innovative coaching and training will transform your remote working teams
Date and Time
1:00 pm


Opening - Remote Selling & Digital Coaching and Training
Jim Preston, Vice President of Sales, EMEA, Showpad
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How to Build a Sales Enablement Strategy?
Tamara Schenk, Lead Consultant, Showpad
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→ Get started with digital content, training and coaching for sales teams
Coffee breakout
Panel debate: A Sales Enablement Journey
Maria Korzun, Sales Enablement System Manager, Sonova AG
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Peter Logghe, Manager Training & Professional Education EMEA, Pentax
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Koen Dolfen, Director of Global Accounts, Showpad
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→ Best practice sharing from Sonova and Pentax
Sales Enablement Demo
→ See, how sales and marketing teams leverage Showpad
Virtual Networking

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