Pour Croustico de Vandemoortele, Showpad a été la clé de la réussite de leur rebranding

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Croustico de Vandemoortele

Croustico de Vandemoortele apporte de la douceur dans toute l’Europe. Depuis plus de 100 ans, la société belge ravit les palais dans 12 pays européens avec ses produits de boulangerie, dont les baguettes, les beignets, les focaccias, les croissants et les soufflés.

La société, dont les bureaux sont situés à Gand, ne se contente pas de vendre des produits alimentaires. Elle propose également les compétences nécessaires pour donner vie à ses produits.

En 2016, après le développement réussi de la marque Croustifrance pendant près de 20 ans, Croustico de Vandemoortele a décidé d’opérer quelques changements qui lui paraissaient nécessaires. Face à la pression concurrentielle accrue du marché, les produits de boulangerie frais étaient omniprésents : des kiosques à journaux aux halls de gare, en passant bien sûr par les cafés. Croustico de Vandemoortele a réagi en effectuant un rebranding pour mettre en valeur à la fois son héritage et ses produits d’excellente qualité.

Nous avons changé beaucoup de choses : notre nom, notre logo, notre façon de travailler et nos produits. Showpad a été l'outil permettant que tout fonctionne de concert

Video Transcription

What were some of the challenges your company faced  before Showpad?

Business scope, we are into bake-off, like croissants, like donuts, like baguettes, the real French stuff. Our customer base is proximity stores, retail outlets, supermarkets, a smaller supermarket change. It was quite an old way, a traditional way of thinking within the companies. So we were a little bit stuck in the past with everything. Everything was on paper. We were sending out newsletters on paper to our customers. It was hard to get through that wall and that’s why in 2016, 2015, we said, ‘Well, we really have to rethink everything we’re doing because the market has changed. Everything has changed. So we had to rethink our way of working. Our business model, because it’s quite big, fundamentally changed for everybody in the company.

How did Croustico make the transition to using  Showpad?

We went through to the product, which is the core, passion for bread products and coaching. Our sales reps became coaches, local coaches for every single customer. We changed our name from Croustifrance into Croustico. We changed our logo. We changed our way of working and Showpad came in as a support, as a tool to employ the new way of working. It was about improving marketing and marketing effectiveness. It’s about customer experience. What we can do now is really tailor environments for every group of customers. If one of our sales reps goes into one of your shops, he will not talk about all the rest of the business. He will talk about your business, your promotion, your way of working, your plan-o-gram, everything dedicated to or tailored to a group of customers. And that goes very fast and makes also for sales life much easier because they are, “Okay. All right, I’m in a total, that’s my entrance to shop at,” and that’s what I have to tell to this customer. And you go into your shop and then you start talking, but it saves time. Absolutely.

What has been the Showpad’s impact?

So with 170 shops, normally we employ two extra sales persons. Now, we only do it with one so everybody can work faster. The change from our new way of working, our new strategy, our new DNA, it really pays off. And Showpad plays a role in this. But one of the important things I think is the insight that we have on what documents are being used.

Step one was quite difficult because salespeople thought we were controlling, big brother, but quite quickly, we said, “Well, okay, this is not to control you. This is to see what you need.” And I think we are now a little bit part of the sales team. Every new feature we add is always the result of cooperation between sales and marketing.