Lieven Baeyens VP of Engineering Showpad

Lieven Baeyens

SVP of Product & Engineering, Showpad

As the Senior Vice President of Product & Engineering, Lieven is tasked with growing and scaling the Showpad engineering team with top talent.

He brings more than 25 years of experience in the technology sector. 

Lieven joins Showpad from TomTom, where he led world class product engineering teams to deliver cutting-edge platform solutions in the digital mapmaking domain. 

From his roles at companies including Dow Jones, Securex, Pioneer Electronics, TomTom, and a handful of start-ups/scale-ups, Lieven has garnered valuable experience that helps him lead and facilitate successful multicultural and multidisciplinary teams. 

Starting his journey as a software engineer, Lieven has amassed a knowledge base of successful methodologies in software processing, which he started to cultivate while obtaining his bachelor’s degree in software engineering at the NaRaFI College Brussels.