At Showpad, we take data security
and privacy seriously.

On May 25 2018, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) went into effect, changing how companies around the world deal with the personal data of people residing in the EU.

At Showpad, we take data security and privacy seriously. With a corporate headquarters in Ghent (Belgium), and North American headquarters in Chicago (US), we will continue to be at the forefront of the latest changes. This gives our customers enough information to be compliant while offering them the flexibility to make changes according to their organizational needs.

Who is impacted?

Even if your company is based outside the EU, GDPR applies to your organization if you are offering services that process personal data of EU residents, or if you are monitoring behaviour of people residing in the EU. So if you have email lists that include EU citizens, you’ll need to be compliant too.

Drivers behind GDPR

For EU citizens

To get more control over how their personal data is used.

For businesses

To have a simpler, clearer legal environment in which to operate, making the data protection law identical throughout the single market.

How does Showpad address GDPR?

To help our customers with compliance, we keep adding flexibility to our Online Platform, mobile apps, email plugins, and integrations. Our latest additions allow our customers to:

Request consent to process data of Showpad users and prospects

Admins have the option to request both Showpad users and prospects to acknowledge a privacy policy – allowing you to track your user’s behavior in Showpad and to see how prospects interact with shared content.

Configure the time to forget prospect data

We’ve added an option for you to determine when customer data isn’t relevant anymore, which will make insights anonymous after a set period of inactivity.

Execute a Data Processing Agreement

Your organization may require a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) for suppliers that process certain personal data for you. If this is the case, Showpad has a self-executable DPA available at

For customers

For more detail on how Showpad is preparing its customers for GDPR compliance, check out our Help Center.

Preparing for GDPR

More information

To find out more about GDPR and the privacy principles at Showpad, take a look at our FAQ.

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