Showpad’s 2021 Modern Selling Study

Discover how selling has changed in the face of the pandemic.

Conducting the Modern Selling Study

At the end of 2020, Showpad conducted the Modern Selling Study with participation from over 400 B2B organizations. We explored the opinions and predictions of sales and marketing professionals in the face of business changes and challenges driven by COVID-19.

Companies are navigating a new reality in which employees are remote and the old ways of doing business and driving revenue are no longer applicable. The study highlights how organizations that quickly adjust to operate within the new normal, and take the necessary steps to adapt, have a better chance at thriving in this world of modern selling.

The era of modern selling is here

92% think that remote workforces will remain the norm while 85% expect leaner teams and fewer resources to remain.

59% of US respondents say that the majority of their sales training is now virtual.

Since the pandemic, 75% of responding organizations have an enablement program in place, up from 64%.

Sales content management in a modern selling world

82 %

say they have access to the required technology but don’t have access to the right content.

40 %

Only 40% have enablement content solutions in place.

# 1

The number one modern selling challenge is inaccessible content.

Sales readiness in a modern selling world

# 1

The number 1 sales readiness challenge is not having enough training to be successful with remote selling.

# 2

The number 2 biggest sales readiness challenge is not having access to all the required technologies.

10 %

There’s been a 10% increase in difficulty onboarding new hires over the course of the pandemic (increasing from 28% to 38%).

Sales effectiveness in a modern selling world

45 %

45% of organizations say it’s been more difficult to close deals since the beginning of the pandemic.

55 %

The finance industry dealt with the most challenges (55% reporting deal closing to be more difficult).

46 %

46% of respondents report their buyer decisions are on hold while 43% report the pandemic has forced them to reprioritize these decisions.

Buyer engagement in a modern selling world

84 %

84% of organizations said they were forced to undergo significant digital transformation since the pandemic.

50 %

57% of organizations report to have shifted more than 50% of their sales calls to remote-only.

9 %

Measuring engagement on remote calls increased in difficulty by 9%.

Challenges for sellers since and prior to the pandemic

Enablement is the driving force behind modern selling behaviors

Get a look at how the pandemic has impacted and forever changed every facet of sales enablement.

Who did we survey?

Organizations Surveyed:

Organizations Surveyed:

~ 400 companies across the globe



US (56%) UK (23%) DACH region (21%)

Industries Surveyed:

Industries Surveyed:

Technology, Manufacturing, Finance and Healthcare

Teams Surveyed:

Teams Surveyed:

Sales (45%) Marketing (38%) Enablement (17%)

Roles Surveyed:

Roles Surveyed:

Practitioners (20%) Managers and Directors (63%) Executives (18%)

Ranging in Size:

Ranging in Size:

The study covered various company sizes, from more than $2M in annual revenues up to more than $1B

The new remote world has changed modern selling forever.

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