Bjorn Poelman Showpad

Bjorn Poelman

VP of People Operations, Showpad

As the VP People at Showpad, Bjorn is passionate about striking the balance between building a human-centric experience and a scalable, efficient operation. After going to Law School, Bjorn started his career in consulting as part of a multi-disciplinary team, where he has worked for companies in different industries and of all different sizes, building a broad perspective on Rewards, Equity, Global Mobility, Change management, organizational modelling, Compliance and  Mergers & Acquisitions. 

Bjorn joined Showpad early on (120 FTE) and was fundamental to laying the foundation of the People team through the different stages of growth. One of his focus areas is to break through the silos that can arise throughout growth and enable a clear end-to-end process that results in an amazing employee experience. Bjorn enjoys making the complex simple; making individuals grow & leading the way towards scalability. Bjorn is now responsible for Core Operations, People Tech, Total Rewards, and People Analytics.

Outside of work, you’ll find Bjorn out on travels exploring different cultures or enjoying the city of Chicago, where he moved with his family to facilitate Showpad’s rapid US growth.

Bjorn holds a Master in Law (Ghent University) and a Master in International tax/accountancy (Brussels HUB).