Bram De Geyter Showpad

Bram De Geyter

VP Product , Showpad

Bram is VP Product, overseeing the product strategy, product roadmap, and engineering excellence for Showpad’s Content product. 

Bram joined Showpad in 2017 as a software engineer on Showpad’s mobile app, launching Showpad’s Augmented Reality capabilities. As an engineering manager, he worked with the mobile and desktop teams, overseeing the launch of Showpad’s Windows Desktop app, based on cutting-edge progressive web app technology. Since 2020 he expanded his focus beyond engineering to product, scaling the teams working on the Content product. 

Prior to joining Showpad, he ran a tech startup based in Latin America and launched several mobile apps.  

At Showpad, he combines his passion for software engineering and technology with his love for building beautiful high-impact products that solve real-world problems. 

Bram holds a Ph.D. in Engineering Physics from Ghent University. Outside of work he loves building and occasionally breaking stuff, restoring the home he shares with his family of four.