Showpad Announces Growth and Australian Expansion in the New Era of Modern Selling

June 22, 2021

Having ushered in a successful decade of growth and innovation, Showpad points to continued market momentum

CHICAGO, June 22, 2021Showpad, a global revenue enablement technology leader, reports that B2B commerce has officially entered a new era of modern selling.

The pandemic has increased the need for savvy, digital sellers. McKinsey data shows enterprises doubling down on the technology needed to modernize and support working and collaborating remotely. Currently, only 28% of B2B businesses have hybrid sales roles, which is projected to grow to 64% in the next six months. 

“Modern selling requires creativity, business acumen, and the ability to translate complex ideas in a simple way. Having the right technologies and practices in place, is essential to executing an effective modern selling approach,” said Dustin Deno, SVP of Global Sales at Showpad. “The buying process is non-linear, and successful revenue teams guide the buyer from uncertainty to transformation. Showpad is the modern enablement technology that revenue teams need in an age where B2B sales is greatly shifting.”  

Growth at Showpad

As organizations evolve business models to meet the expectations of today’s informed buyers, Showpad has seen immense growth on its Platform and across its organization. The company is celebrating its 10th anniversary, touting 58% year-over-year Platform growth in 2020 and 1,200 customers across more than 50 countries including Bridgestone, Kimberly-Clark, Unilever. 

During the pandemic, Showpad brought buyers and sellers closer together, seeing a 350% year-of-year increase in buyers on the Platform, and a 600% increase in engagement between buying and selling teams. In 2020 alone, revenue teams used Showpad as their guide in the buying process, more than doubling the use of sophisticated virtual experiences for guided selling.

In response to this growth, the Showpad team aims to hire 250 employees by year end. 

“We’ve been in business for a decade, and have learned a lot over these past 10 incredible years. The Showpad revenue enablement platform is specifically built for this new era,” said Pieterjan Bouten, co-founder and CEO of Showpad. “We’re thrilled to be connecting buyers with sellers through modern selling solutions that empower people to be at their best. Thank you to everyone who has supported Showpad, and thank you to all of our dedicated and talented employees, customers, partners and investors who raise the bar each and every day.”

“As we continue to pivot to hybrid selling in order to meet the demands of the modern buyer, we see Showpad at the center of our selling strategy,” said Eric Andrews, VP of Sales Enablement at Infor. “Showpad has helped our sellers re-engage with our content and increased collaboration across the revenue team. In less than 30 days of using the Platform, our user rate doubled in comparison to the previous Platform we used.”

“Showpad has been a great resource for our global field representatives and distributors for nearly 10 years,”said Jenna Farr, Director of Global Marketing at Acufocus. “From onboarding new customers to having marketing materials and videos easily accessible, the Platform has elevated our customer interactions and made it easier to keep our technology at the forefront.”  

“Showpad has been an increasingly valuable tool across our businesses over the last decade. It allows our field sales team to access, personalize and share content virtually anywhere on any device. It gives our internal teams the ability to quickly disseminate information, make and communicate updates and track data,” said Kim Dorman, Content Manager and Customer Strategy at BASF. “Showpad is a great collaborative tool we use for our internal teams and for our customers. The ease of use, both for the system admins and the end users makes it ideal for our growing, changing business and it’s been particularly valuable as we move to an increasingly digital work environment.”

What’s to Come: Expansion

Showpad is officially expanding its footprint further into the APAC region with the launch of our Australia division, extending our reach and continuing to build a world-class team to support our existing customers, including Fonterra and Culture Amp, and new customers locally.  

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Showpad Announces Growth and Australian Expansion in the New Era of Modern Selling