Showpad Brings TRANSFORM 2019, the World’s Largest Sales Enablement Conference to London and Chicago

September 13, 2019

Join hundreds of marketing, sales and sales enablement professionals at TRANSFORM to uncover the latest trends and best practices for driving engaging buyer experiences 

Chicago and London – September 13, 2019Showpad today announces details for TRANSFORM 2019, the world’s largest sales enablement conference. TRANSFORM is the only conference to bring together hundreds of sales and marketing professionals with two Trans-Atlantic events to share best practices, build meaningful connections, and inspire each other for success. TRANSFORM will take place in London on October 8 and 9 at Queen Elizabeth Hall, as well as in Chicago on November 5 and 6 at the Loews Hotel. 

“As organizations recognize the importance of the buyer experience, sales enablement is quickly evolving from a ‘nice to have’ to an enterprise need. Along with the industry’s massive growth, we’re welcoming new professionals into the sales enablement community every day,” said Pieterjan Bouten, CEO and co-founder of Showpad. “And this is why we designed TRANSFORM with practitioners in mind. Not only will attendees be able to hear from industry thought leaders on where sales enablement is headed, but they will also hear from dozens of fellow practitioners who will share their stories of success, best practices, and lessons learned.”

TRANSFORM 2019 will feature keynotes from a roster of incredible speakers, including Pixar storyteller Matthew Luhn. With more than 25 years of experience creating and developing blockbuster films at Pixar Animation Studios, Luhn will share his insights on how to use the power of storytelling to forge stronger, more meaningful connections with buyers. He will show attendees how to connect with audiences on an emotional level, using stories to teach, inspire and better engage with buyers.

Along with a robust roster of sessions from sales enablement practitioners, attendees will enjoy keynotes from industry thought leaders. Professor, author and expert on customer experience in the digital world, Steven Van Belleghem, will share how to leverage new technologies to win the heart and business of your customers, using data to improve experiences. And Tamara Schenk, Research Director at CSO Insights will share exclusive data from CSO Insights’ latest State of Sales Enablement report, including five key tips for structuring winning sales enablement programs. 

“As the space continues to mature, events like TRANSFORM are increasingly important for sales enablement professionals to connect and learn from each other,” said Carly Lehner, Senior Manager of Sales Enablement at Axiom Law. “Last year’s event both inspired and equipped me to put my learnings into action and I’m thrilled to be participating in this year’s TRANSFORM as well.”

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Showpad Brings TRANSFORM 2019, the World’s Largest Sales Enablement Conference to London and Chicago