Showpad Launches GDPR-Compliant Product Updates

April 25, 2018

Prior to the data regulation deadline in May, Showpad updates product capabilities to meet new data privacy standards and give individuals greater control over their data

CHICAGO, April 25, 2018 — Showpad, the world’s most powerful sales and marketing success platform, has launched several product updates that ensure the company and its customers can reach GDPR (general data protection regulation) compliance. The new features enhance privacy settings for Showpad’s users and their prospects, and further enable users’ right to be forgotten.

Going into effect May 25, 2018, the new GDPR regulations gives consumers greater control over their data. With these shifts, sales and marketing professionals need to ensure the way they collect and use data is compliant with this new regulation. Showpad’s updates will help customers to become compliant with the new regulations.

“From the very beginning, Showpad has been designed with privacy in mind and these new updates are proof of our commitment to data privacy and protection,” says Pieterjan Bouten, CEO of Showpad. “We view GDPR as an opportunity, not an obstacle, which is why we’re committed to helping our customers reach compliance.”

The following product enhancements will ensure Showpad customers can fulfill GDPR requirements as it relates to their usage of Showpad:

  • Requesting consent to process data of Showpad users and prospects
    A dedicated Privacy Settings page will allow Showpad customers to further adjust their individual privacy across general, prospect, and user settings. Within general privacy settings, account owners and privacy officers will have greater and more specific options to set their preferences. Account owners will be able to request both users and prospects to acknowledge a privacy policy, either Showpad’s default disclaimer or a custom version. When enabled, active consent to the privacy policy will be requested from to users that want to access Showpad, or prospects that want to view shared content. By getting consent, customers can track their prospect’s behavior in Showpad and see how they interact with shared content. For added flexibility, customers can choose to anonymize prospect data or not require visitors from certain countries to provide consent.
  • Configuring the right to be forgotten
    Showpad customers will be able to determine when prospect data is no longer relevant, which will remove all of the prospect’s personal data and makes insights anonymous after a set period of inactivity.
  • Executing a Data Processing Agreement
    Some organizations require a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) for suppliers that process certain personal data for them. If this is the case, Showpad has a self-executable DPA available at Our DPA conforms to GDPR, while at the same time reflecting the unique aspects of the Showpad product.

“At Showpad, we pride ourselves on being enterprise-ready and partner-friendly, which means data access, security and privacy are of the utmost importance to our organization,” adds Louis Jonckheere, CPO of Showpad. “With these GDPR-friendly product updates, customers have the right information and options to reach compliance while having the flexibility to find the solution best suited for their organizational needs.”

For more information on Showpad’s new GDPR-compliant features, visit our GDPR Information Hub.

Showpad Launches GDPR-Compliant Product Updates