Showpad Video: A New Product Feature to Meet the Demands of Modern Selling

August 31, 2021

Showpad Video Will Enable Revenue Teams to Create Engaging and Impactful Videos to Elevate the Buyer Experience

Showpad, a global revenue enablement technology leader, has launched Showpad Video, a new video messaging product feature that enables asynchronous communication for revenue teams, all within the Showpad platform.

Showpad Video allows frictionless and impactful video recording that elevates the buyer experience. The product feature is embedded throughout the Showpad platform, seamlessly integrating into users’ content creation and management workflow.

According to findings from Aragon Research, 80% of prospects will open a piece of video content but ignore any other type of content that they receive. Additionally, data from McKinsey has found that 85% of B2B decision makers expect hybrid sellers–those using a mix of video, phone and occasional in-person visits–will be the most common sales role in their organizations in the next three years.

“Buyers and sellers are physically further apart than ever before, making non-linear collaboration and communication a must for modern selling organizations,” said Louis Jonckheere, Co-founder, President, and Chief Product Officer of Showpad. “We’re really excited to launch Showpad Video, as this product will not only better connect revenue teams but will also allow for more engaging experiences amongst these teams and their prospective buyers. Additionally, Showpad Video contains so much more intelligence to give back to users, providing an enormous opportunity to analyze sales interactions.”

As video increasingly proves to be a preferred consumption method for consumers and a useful tool for information gathering and entertainment alike, revenue professionals can lean into this medium to better engage with and reach their prospective audiences. Showpad Video aims to bridge the gap between physical-digital presence in an authentic, engaging way; accelerate the sales cycle; provide context when sharing content; align buyers and sellers asynchronously to reduce meeting frequency and length; and facilitate bite-sized learnings.

“You know the saying, ‘A little goes a long way?’ That is what this new video feature does. Our users can easily create personalized greetings or messages with little effort to accompany content shares. This ‘facetime’ goes a long way in building better engagement and trusting relationships with our users and customers,” said Cheryl Maton, Digital Sales Enablement Manager at Shaw Industries Group, Inc.

“Showpad Video is a capability that adds more humanity to what can traditionally be an impersonal sales interaction,” said Roxy Cordt, Enterprise Account Executive at Showpad. “For example, rather than put together a generic email when I’m prospecting, I’ll turn on the Video functionality and talk through use cases and solutions, bringing more personality and energy to the conversation. I can also use Showpad Video to film demos with voice overs, which allows me to walk prospects through specific use-cases. I find this really impactful in building trust and relationships virtually.”

With Showpad Video, users can create video recordings that can be enhanced with logos, screen captures, and more to be shared directly with prospects, consumers, and team members. Users then can track video engagement using Showpad Analytics. All videos taken on Showpad Video comply with personal data regulations, have end-to-end encryption, and unlimited hosting capabilities.

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Showpad Video: A New Product Feature to Meet the Demands of Modern Selling