GDPR & Privacy – Principles

In case you are simply visiting the website or any other Showpad domain (thus outside of the Showpad SaaS sales enablement solution or outside of any interaction with the Showpad SaaS sales enablement solution) the website terms shall apply instead of these Privacy Principles.

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GDPR in General

Showpad NV, with address Moutstraat 62, 9000 Gent (Belgium) with company ID 0836.159.992 and/or its affiliates (“Showpad”) has developed, exploits and maintains a “Marketing and sales success Solution” under a Software as a Services model, for the benefit of the Showpad Customers (the “Service”).

The new European Privacy regulation (“General Data Protection Regulation” or “GDPR”) introduces a whole new set of rules in respect of the processing of personal data. It aims to harmonise legislation throughout the EU with the intention to i) increase the general awareness on data privacy, ii) allow individuals to take control over their privacy and their fundamental rights, and, iii) to strengthen security requirements throughout companies and organisations.

Showpad embraces the opportunities GDPR brings and ensures being compliant by the time GDRP becomes enforceable (25 May 2018).

As GDPR is the most modern and fully integrated legislation on data privacy, and as the applicability of the GDPR does not stop at the borders of the European Economic area (“EEA”), Showpad uses GDPR as a standard against which its worldwide program is benchmarked.

Showpad has bundled the Privacy Principles that apply towards its Products Service in the following Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions – Showpad Privacy Principles

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