Better Buyer Experience

Sell the way buyers want to buy

Customers are tired of traditional sales presentations. Guide buyers through the sales process with personalized content delivered through visually engaging experiences, even augmented reality. Provide access to that content through branded microsites where buyers can collaborate with the information and easily share with other decision makers.

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Intelligent sales content

Deliver the right content at the right time

Powered by machine learning, Showpad recommends the most effective content for each sales situation based on factors such as industry, product and geography. With intelligent search and an intuitive interface, salespeople can always find the right content, know it’s up-to-date and on-brand, and access it on any device – even when offline.

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Impactful Analytics

Smarter [than] sales enablement

Improve sales productivity by understanding how salespeople and prospects interact with your content. Content usage data fuels recommendations to help salespeople sell intelligently, even in situations where they aren’t fully trained. And sales managers can use this data to identify how top performers are using content and coach accordingly. Make content decisions based on usage and revenue data, and create winning content that sales loves using.

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Sell smarter.

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