Sell the way buyers want to buy

Better buyer experience

Our experiences as consumers are changing our behavior as B2B buyers. We expect to find the information we need when we want it, whether or not we’re engaging with a salesperson.

53% of buyers choose a vendor based on the buyer experience (CEB). Get a competitive edge when buyers are talking with sales – and when they’re on their own – with Showpad.

Present with confidence

Move beyond linear slide decks, and empower sales to do guided selling on any device – both online and offline. Deliver unique, visually engaging buying experiences tailored to your prospect – from sharing a one pager to visualizing products in augmented reality. Build Advanced Experiences from our library of templates or create custom Experience apps to meet your business needs.

ExperiencesAugmented Reality

Personalize every interaction

Engage prospects in high-value, tailored conversations. Mix and match pages and file types, add personalized notes and customize marketing-approved content to deliver the most valuable information, exactly when the prospect needs it.

Share content on the spot

Instantly find and share content, whether you’re on the road, in the office or at a tradeshow. Use your favorite mobile device, Outlook or Gmail, your CRM or a browser, and let the data guide you in making the biggest impact.

Curate relevant content for every step of the deal

With Shared Spaces, sales can guide buyers forward by easily creating microsites branded with the prospect’s logo, colors, and images. After creating the Shared Space, securely invite all decision makers to view and comment on content and get an overview of all interactions over time in order to gauge buyer interest and tailor your follow up.

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Sales reps are seen as experts, as they can instantly provide the right answers.
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