Cloud storage

Sync and share your assets, wherever they live

With Showpad, you can keep the sales team armed with the most up-to-date content with a quick and easy distribution process from your favorite cloud file sharing solutions. Manage your content where you have it, while getting it to your reps when they need it.

Banish stale content

Automatically sync updated content with Showpad from your preferred content repository, such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, SharePoint, Widen, and Bynder. Prevent liability from sales using outdated docs, especially in regulated industries.

Learning curve

Put your content assets to work

Deliver a better buyer experience by unlocking the value of the content stored in your cloud storage systems, making it easily presentable by sales and providing analytics on what’s most effective. You can concentrate on creating assets that impact revenue the most.

Sell smarter.

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