Content management

Gather your content in a single library

Content is at the center of the sales process, no matter the stage of the buying cycle.
With Showpad’s content library, marketers can give salespeople easy access to the content they need, anytime, anywhere.

Content library

Easily import your materials from the cloud storage providers your company uses, such as Sharepoint, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Egnyte, and many others. By gathering all your files in one library, salespeople can find any asset within seconds – even when they’re offline.

Distribute content

Distribute content according to personas, product lines, sales processes or opportunity types. That way, reps can quickly pull up the most relevant content for any sales situation, either on their browser, mobile device or within their email. Add company branding to the materials you share, or make content more compelling by adding interactive layers using HTML5.

Control your content

Set content permissions by user, team or group so reps only see the content that is relevant for them. Forget about version control issues; edited materials are instantly updated to ensure reps only use the latest information. You can also set expiration dates for timely content, such as a temporary promotional flyer or event pamphlet.

Content analytics

Showpad makes your content findable, measurable and effective. Page-by-page analytics show in detail how salespeople and prospects use content. You can also easily capture reps’ feedback on your materials, as well as increase content effectiveness and strategy with these qualitative and quantitative insights.

Make sure content propels the sales process.

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