Content Recommendations

Find the right content for every Salesforce opportunity

With Showpad’s content recommendations for Salesforce, salespeople can find and share the right content at every step of the buyer’s journey.
They no longer waste time searching for or creating content and can close deals at a faster pace.

Share hyper-personalized content

Quickly find the content most likely to push a sales deal forward by seeing which materials successfully helped close similar business. Share relevant follow up materials directly from Salesforce. Your sales conversations will be more personal and effective.

Power the recommendations engine

Marketers choose which materials they want to recommend for specific deal characteristics, such as deal stage, industry and company size. These recommendations are paired with machine learning about which content has been the most successful at helping sales teams to close deals.

Learn from top performers

Learn how colleagues successfully used a piece of content to move forward a similar sales conversation to yours. Armed with these insights, you’ll know exactly what next steps will close a deal. You can also provide feedback on the suggestions to improve future recommendations.

Track shared content

Share content with a prospect directly from within Salesforce, either in a new email or with a link in an existing email thread. You can see how prospects use the shared materials to gauge their level of interest. Also, marketers can see which pieces salespeople share, allowing them to improve their content strategy and marketing ROI.

Log to Salesforce

Shared content is logged automatically to the appropriate Salesforce opportunity, account, contact or lead. This gives you a holistic view of how the sales team has previously interacted with a prospect and what to do next. Sales leaders can use these insights to deliver a more accurate forecast and tailor their training efforts.

Make your sales team smarter with Content Recommendations.

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