Invest more in content that impacts revenue

Content analytics for marketing

Know what works

Understand which content is proven to win business – both marketing-approved and sales-generated. Learn what your sales team likes to use and what resonates with prospects. Operate by the numbers where it matters most, and invest marketing resources in the types of content that drive results.

Measure the ROI of your content, and make decisions based on measured performance. Use these insights to continually optimize existing content and create new content that will resonate with customers and help close deals.

Learn why and how assets are discovered

Understand why certain content gets used, and how your brand, product, and services are sold. Track how salespeople are navigating a conversation. Get actionable insights from the most successful sales conversations to drive your organizational strategy – from content creation to sales guidance.

We already knew 90% of the content wasn't used. Showpad showed us which 90%

Track buyer engagement to shorten your sales cycle

Prospect insights for sales

Know what your prospect is thinking

Track email opens, page-by-page content views, downloads and forwards. Shorten your sales cycles by improving follow up time, and tailoring your messages to match your buyer’s interest level. Understand who your decision makers are for any deal, and let data tell you where your sales efforts will bring the best results. All interactions are tracked in-app, on Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics – even when offline.

Learn from top performers and ramp new sellers faster

User analytics for sales leadership

Share best practices

See what content your top salespeople are using, and turn their methods into company-wide best practices. Empower new sales hires with proven content, reducing their ramp up time and getting them in the field faster.

Showpad’s analytics are available in-app,
and in Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

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