Microsoft Dynamics integration

Enhance every prospect conversation

Showpad and Microsoft Dynamics work together to simplify sales reps’ and marketers’ lives, and give them in-depth insight into customer behavior. Salespeople close deals faster, and marketers can create better strategies after seeing which content customers love (or hate).

Evaluate sales interactions

See all communication and materials shared with an account, opportunity, contact or lead in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and understand which approaches are working and which aren’t. Sales leaders can replicate the best by identifying and teaching the habits of the most successful reps to others.

See prospect behavior

With our Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration, you can see when prospects view, download or forward shared materials. Use those behavioral insights to craft the perfect follow up for each lead. A plus for managers? They can see how engaged prospects are in the sales cycle and forecast more accurately.

Power Microsoft Dynamics with actionable insights.

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