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With Showpad’s email plugins for Microsoft Outlook and Gmail, salespeople can quickly find and share the latest marketing-approved content without leaving their inbox. Once the email is sent, reps can immediately track how and when recipients use the shared materials.

Access content

Quickly find and share the latest marketing content within Microsoft Outlook and Gmail. See what you recently shared with prospects, and browse your tailored presentations or Showpad channels within your inbox. Upload your own personalized materials such as an offer or signed contract.

Personalized themes

Mix and match any file type to create an email that meets your buyer’s individual needs. Better target your email outreach by using visual themes tied to a specific marketing campaign, event or sales stage. You can also ensure that every email includes a custom privacy disclaimer when necessary.

Analyze content

Receive notifications when a recipient opens, views, downloads or forwards content. Showpad tracks analytics around each individual page viewed, allowing you to better understand prospects and personalize communication. It also means marketing can track which of their materials sales shares with prospects most.

Capture data in Salesforce

The Gmail emails you send are automatically logged to Salesforce so you can keep track of all interactions with prospects. By capturing information including contacts, email body and content shared, you always have the context needed to push a deal forward in the sales cycle.

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Versions supported:
Microsoft Outlook 2010+
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