Showpad’s Salesforce integration

Spend more time actively selling, and less time doing administrative tasks.

With Showpad’s Salesforce integration, sales teams spend time intelligently selling rather than doing admin work or logging data.
Both reps and marketers receive prospect insights and can determine the best way to communicate with those opportunities.

Get started quickly

Connect one or multiple Salesforce instances to your Showpad account – no coding required. Once connected, you can log in to Salesforce with your existing credentials. Create custom forms that allow salespeople to add new leads, contacts and meeting details to Salesforce from within Showpad.

Never leave Salesforce

Access sales collateral and shared content analytics directly within Salesforce. Quickly find the information you need without switching to the Showpad app. With Showpad’s web experience in Salesforce, leaders can stimulate Salesforce adoption and receive a more complete view of their team’s activities.

Get recommendations on next steps

Get a better understanding of the available recommended content, and what best next steps will move the sales cycle forward. See the content that’s most likely to help your opportunity within Salesforce, and use that knowledge to personalize your next conversations. Over time, content recommendations get smarter based on machine learning.

Log data automatically

Showpad automatically logs your interactions with prospects to the appropriate Salesforce opportunities and accounts. You’ll have a full overview of the content that you have presented and shared, the emails you’ve sent to prospects and their interactions with that content.

Get content insights

Detailed activity insights within Salesforce provide a holistic view of how sales have interacted with prospects. Salespeople can view how prospects are engaging with content shared by the sales team and what was presented in any meeting to identify previous interactions.

Determine content ROI

Marketers will be able to see how their content is being interacted with, and measure exactly how much revenue or how many new leads a particular piece of content generated. This helps them to strategize around content creation and optimize their content investments and to advise salespeople on how to effectively use their content.

Let insights lead you to better customer interactions.

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