Intelligent recommendations
for Salesforce and more

Surface the most relevant content at the right time, and see the best next steps that will move the sales cycle forward.

Get AI-driven content recommendations

Ensure your sellers spend more time selling and less time searching for content or preparing for meetings. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, Showpad Content recommends the most effective content for each sales situation based on factors such as industry, product, and geography.

Learn from top performers

See the content colleagues used in similar sales conversations, and know exactly why it was chosen to help them close the deal. And provide feedback on suggested content to improve future recommendations.

Discover the best next steps to take

Based on marketing rules and machine learning, Showpad Content gives sales a better understanding of what next steps to take to move the deal forward. Discover the best files to share externally, the internal resources you can use to learn more, and popular content for each stage of the sales cycle.

See buyer engagement

Share content with buyers directly from Showpad’s Salesforce CRM integration, and see how they interact to gauge their level of interest. All shares are automatically logged to the appropriate Salesforce opportunity, account, contact, or lead – giving you a holistic view of how the entire sales team is engaging with a prospect and what to do next.

The best of man and machine

Help sellers discover content immediately from a new, personalized home screen. Sellers can see content highlighted by their admins in the Spotlight section. And also receive AI-powered recommendations based on recently published or updated content, popular or trending content, similar content, and more.

Your Guide to Content Recommendations

Improving the Buying Experience with Content

Content is one of the most-discussed marketing and sales strategies used by enterprises today, and with good reason: survey after survey places content at or near the top of executives’ sales and marketing priorities.

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