Showpad for Chrome

Easily share content with buyers through Gmail and many of the top social media platforms, and see which content resonates with the market.


Personalize your interactions in Gmail

Easily find and share the latest content with buyers – straight from Gmail. Quickly find the content you need, see what you recently shared, and browse your tailored presentations or content channels. Combine marketing-approved content with personalized materials, such as an offer or signed contract.

Salesforce integration

Capture all interactions in your CRM

Automatically log all emails sent and prospect interactions with shared content in both Showpad and Salesforce. Keep track of all interactions with prospects. By linking prospect engagement insights to information like contacts, opportunity, email body, and content shared – you always have the context needed to push a deal forward in the sales cycle.

Share content on your social medium of choice

Position yourself as an industry expert and increase your social selling time by quickly sharing marketing-approved content with your audience of choice. Share content stored in Showpad directly to any social medium, or find and share content right from LinkedIn. Get visibility on content effectiveness, and see what resonates with the market.

Know what your prospect is thinking

Track email opens, page-by-page content views, downloads and forwards. Shorten your sales cycles by improving follow up time, and tailoring your messages to match your buyer’s interest level. Understand who your decision makers are for any deal, and let data tell you where your sales efforts will bring the best results.

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