Showpad & Salesforce

With Showpad’s Salesforce integration, sales teams spend more time selling and less time searching for content or performing administrative tasks. Furthermore, sales leaders can leverage the integration to identify best practices and deliver a more accurate forecast, while marketers can tie content to revenue and prove ROI.

With our Salesforce integration, your sales team can:

  • Instantly find and share recommended content for any opportunity within Salesforce
  • Easily log shared content in meetings and emails as activities to have a full overview of all interactions with prospects
  • Know when prospects view, download or forward shared content
  • Create & sync contacts or leads – online or offline

… while your marketing team can:

  • Connect multiple instances of Salesforce to your Showpad account
  • Recommend the most relevant content based on deal stage, industry, company size and more
  • Understand how salespeople use marketing content
  • Know which content has the highest impact on sales pipeline and revenue
Salespeople spend up to 11 hours per week logging notes and data in their CRM. However, the data is often inaccurate since it was entered manually, sometimes days after a meeting.
Showpad's Salesforce Integration