Stand Out from the Competition

Let sellers discover and access both the sales content and training they need in one platform, allowing them to become trusted advisors who close more deals faster.

Help sellers become trusted advisors

Today, sellers have to go to multiple locations and use multiple tools to gather the best content and training they need to win deals. As a result, they risk missing opportunities, while marketing creates content that sales can’t find.

Showpad Coach, Showpad’s industry-leading training and coaching solution, is integrated with Showpad’s innovative content solutions for an all-in-one platform that empowers sellers to become trusted advisors.

With the combined power of content and training in the Showpad platform, sellers can find content that’s best for any particular situation, 
and learn how to position your company to increase your chance of winning. By being prepared quickly, sellers can better meet the expectations of the modern buyer.

Increase active selling time

With Showpad’s training and coaching integrations, sellers can use Showpad’s powerful search and intuitive interface to discover and access both the sales content and training they need in one solution to stand out from the competition.  By integrating sales training and coaching with Showpad’s content solutions, you can reduce days to close, increase sales velocity, and ultimately get more wins.

The most comprehensive, open platform

Whether using Showpad Coach or leveraging the training investments you’ve already made, our open platform integrates training and coaching with content solutions for a user experience sales reps love. Make it easy for sales to discover, present, and share the right content for each buyer while further increasing sales productivity with learning, testing, and coaching. Data about how sellers interact with buyers help you replicate successful behavior, and increase your success.