5 Keys to Sales Enablement Success


When you get it right, sales enablement can transform your business – giving customer-facing teams everything they need to:

  • Better engage modern buyers
  • Close more and bigger deals, faster
  • Accelerate revenue growth

5 Keys to Sales Enablement Success Guide

Why it’s time to support sales enablement.


Stakeholders are 44% more likely to be satisfied with enablement efforts when teams are structured with a formal charter. (Source: Sales Enablement PRO & Sales Enablement Society)


Sellers spend 30% of their time actually selling, and more time on admin and other non-selling tasks (like hunting for the right content). (Source: LinkedIn)


Engaged sales teams achieve almost 9% higher revenue growth and experience far lower turnover rates than less engaged teams. (Source: CSO Insights)


Sales teams that use coaching tools see an 8% increase in win rates and a 6% decrease in deals lost to no decision. (Source: Sales Enablement PRO and Sales Enablement Society)


Enablement efforts are 2x more likely to exceed leadership’s expectations when relevant sales enablement success metrics are used to analyze the business impact. (Source: Sales Enablement PRO & Sales Enablement Society)

Elevate the selling experience in 5 key ways.

Give your sales and marketing teams a better way to connect with customers – powered by timely interactions and uniquely relevant insights that accelerate the buying journey. 

Our guide to sales enablement success outlines what you need to know (and do) in order to:

1. Formalize your strategy



2. Conquer content chaos

3. Get sales buy-in early

4. Concentrate on coaching

5. Optimize with analytics and insights.