5 Ways to Succeed in the Decade of Sales Enablement

How to support business growth in 2020 and beyond

According to CSO Insights’ Fifth Annual Sales Enablement Study, most European organizations are already involved in sales enablement, whether they are familiar with the term or not. And organizations that invest in sales enablement see a positive impact to a number of other key performance indicators including quota attainment and revenue — just to name a few.

With results like these, it’s no wonder why a growing number of companies are focusing more attention on sales enablement. But launching a sales enablement program isn’t enough to guarantee great results. We’ve entered the decade of sales enablement, and now is the time to identify ways your organization can not only keep up, but thrive in a market where buyers have higher expectations than ever before.

This eBook, based on research from CSO Insights, SiriusDecisions and Showpad, explores these five key ways to support successful sales enablement in the coming year and beyond.


Download the eBook to explore how to:

  • Formalise your sales enablement strategy
  • Improve content management
  • Prioritise internal transformation
  • Build a dynamic coaching program
  • Leverage analytics to continually optimise your sales enablement program