Building the Business Case For a Modern Sales Enablement Toolset

Digital sales insights from Forrester

A modern sales enablement tech stack requires more than traditional CRM tools.

“Building the Business Case For a Modern Sales Enablement Toolset,” a recent report from Forrester, spotlights the technologies B2B organizations should invest in to deliver better buyer experiences while transforming how sellers and marketers work.

Organizations that fail to leverage the new tools at their disposal will miss out on their commercial potential, including a return on investment of 666%, according to Forrester’s analysis.

This report explores the internal and external value of enablement tools, as well as how you can evaluate vendors and minimize risk when adopting new technologies.

Ensure your organization is prepared to compete.

Download this report to:

  • Understand the cross-departmental benefits of enablement tools
  • Determine how to secure the best deal possible from vendors
  • Learn how to avoid potential risks when implementing new technology
  • Discover your organization’s prospective ROI

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