Your Complete Sales Onboarding Game Plan

Help new sellers put their best foot forward with a 90-day sales onboarding plan that accelerates their journey from starter to standout – so you can:

  • Increase sales team retention rates
  • Enhance seller understanding of products and services
  • Close more deals – faster
  • Boost your organization’s revenue.

Showpad Your Complete Sales Onboarding Game Plan Ebook Preview

Build a clear plan for the first 90 days.

So what’s the best way to organize that time for your new hires?

Day 0-30: train.

Make success more attainable by committing the first phase of onboarding to foundational learning – with measurable benchmarks.

Day 31-60: assess.

Evaluate your rep’s growing knowledge base – and decide whether you and your hire are meeting expectations.

Day 61-90: prepare.

Put learnings into practice – whether rehearsing with other new hires or receiving regular coaching from experienced sellers.

Continue engaging sellers long after onboarding.

Continue engaging sellers long after onboarding.

Knowing what you need to do is key to delivering successful onboarding outcomes. But when you know how to do it – and how to extend your sales enablement plan beyond the first 90 days – you’ll have the essential ingredients you need to build an empowered and motivated team of sellers, capable of driving sustainable sales growth.