The ROI of using Showpad

The below data represent averages gathered by interviewing and measuring ROI results of our customers.

Higher sales productivity

of time saved on admin tasks and preparation

customer visits per rep per week
  • Our active selling time has increased more than 50%.

    Costantino Padovano

    Multimedia Specialist,
    Global Tour Operations

Better sales conversations

more successful sales visits

more upsells and cross-sells
increase in sales opportunities

increase in sales within the first month

More efficient sales training

Train new team members 6 times faster.
We saved $120K in the first year in training costs.
(Enterprise hospitality vendor)

Higher marketing savings & efficiency

We saved over $1.6 million in shipping and printing costs in only one year.
(Global leader in healthcare)
  • ROI? We haven't bothered... It's a no brainer.

    Graham Leeson

    Head of Communications

Showpad has an average payback period of 5–6 months.

Multiply your revenue.

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