Showpad for Sales

Showpad for Sales

Selling is at a crossroads. Companies have higher expectations of their salespeople and B2B buyers expect more from sales. Yet, 85% of buyers feel that their meetings with sales aren’t valuable. With Showpad’s enterprise sales enablement platform, your salespeople will always have the right content and be on message — ensuring they’re delivering great selling experiences to your buyers, whether they’re on the road, in the office, or at a trade show.

Add value quickly

For complex sales, a consultative selling approach is essential to success. Buyers need salespeople who relate to their business and can help them create a vision of how they can create a better solution — not a walking and talking brochure. Visually engaging Experiences empower your team to engage your buyers with guided selling.  And Showpad’s training and coaching solutions ensure that your salespeople have the knowledge and skills to act as a trusted advisor and can pivot quickly as they learn more about the buyer’s needs.

Deliver great selling experiences in any setting

Sales meetings happen on the buyer’s schedule and often in their environment. This means salespeople have to be prepared, trained, and coached for any situation. Showpad’s content solutions don’t require WiFi, which means salespeople can present content, answer technical questions, and even show virtual products on the spot, on any device, at any time — even in the middle of an actual field. Because your salespeople have practiced and prepared, you can rest assured they are delivering value at every interaction. An expert salesperson combined with a virtual product experience changes the way buyers learn about your products.

Always ready salespeople

With Showpad’s automatic updates, sales content and training are instantly up-to-date on any device, anywhere, anytime. Showpad’s sales enablement platform provides smart analytics that give both sales and marketing a clear view of which content is utilized, how effective it is, and how prepared your salespeople are to articulate your value. That means salespeople are always ready to tell the most compelling story to move opportunities forward.

How Engie uses Showpad

Our account managers wasted a lot of time preparing customer visits. With Showpad, they now have the right content readily available, so they can spend more time in front of the customer.

Ellen Elaut
Application Manager at Engie

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