With Showpad, you can make it easy for channel partners to find, present, and share sales material. Indirect sellers have access to the most up-to-date and on-brand content, online and offline. Channel managers know how and when partners interact with prospects, allowing them to improve sales forecasts and identify best practices.

Partners usually sell multiple products. You’ve got to make them care about yours. 30-50% of sales wins go to reps that are the first to respond
Research Source: Corporate vision

Set your channel partners up for success

Increase partner productivity

Make your products stand out in channel partners’ portfolios by helping them easily present your products in an interactive, co-branded environment. Distribute new or updated collateral to partners in real time. That way, they can immediately respond to customers’ questions and needs no matter where they are, and increase overall channel sales effectiveness.

Strengthen channel strategy

Learn which partners are the most valuable by getting insight into how they sell your products and how interested prospects are after the meeting. Simultaneously, see which partners are identifying the best sales opportunities and which might be at risk of missing their targets.

Train partners easily

Get partners up to speed on how to effectively sell your products by gathering all training materials in one place. Even better, you can create interactive learning experiences to keep them engaged, and educate them on an ongoing basis as you launch products and features.

  • With Showpad, we were able to enable 8,000 resellers and 2,500 direct sales reps in the matter of a few months with only 3 people.

    Paul Batten

    Global Sales Enablement Manager, Xerox

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