Showpad for Field Sales

Showpad for Field Sales

When conditions are unpredictable, it just needs to work

The world’s leading sales enablement platform has your back

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No WiFi, no problem

Sales meetings don’t always happen in optimal conditions. Showpad doesn’t require WiFi, which means reps can present the content they need and answer technical questions on the spot, on any device, at any time – even in the middle of an actual field.

Control documents from afar

With Showpad’s automatic updates, marketing edits apply to sales collateral instantly. Analytics give both sales and marketing a clear view of which content shows up in meetings – and how effective it is. That means reps are always ready to tell the most compelling story.

Stay in touch

Easily share content you’ve presented in a meeting, and then see what prospects do with it. Live engagement tracking means you know the moment a prospect views an asset, which page she viewed most, and whether she forwarded it to someone else in her organization.

  • If the sales team didn't know exactly what to look for, they wouldn't be able to find what they needed quickly. In a sense, it felt like you were looking to find a paperclip in the Amazon jungle. Showpad changed that.

    Randall Hudspeth

    VP Sales & Marketing

Showpad makes it easy for your sales reps to give beautiful,
relevant sales presentations that impress even the most
educated buyers – every time. Try it today.

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