Showpad for<br>Inside Sales

Showpad for
Inside Sales

Say goodbye to Dropbox or
Google Drive

Say hello to the world’s leading sales enablement platform.

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Regain control over your content

No more combing through hundreds of messy files in Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box to find what you need in a sales conversation. Easily search for and navigate to the most up-to-date version of the right asset right when you need it – even if the WiFi is down.

Track and analyze content activity

Performance analytics will tell you exactly which content works, and which doesn’t. Live engagement tracking will give you insight into how a prospect uses content, which slide she viewed most, and whether she forwarded it to someone else in the organization.

Connect with the software you love

Integrations with Salesforce, Gmail, Outlook mean you can get the benefits of Showpad without leaving the apps you use most everyday. And as you grow, Showpad grows, too, scaling across your entire sales team – from SDRs to account executives.

  • Files were literally sprawled all over the place. We went and looked for some of the traditional things, like an extranet, a wiki, or something like Sharepoint. But Showpad’s analytics piece, tied with the visual appearance of how content is presented, makes it a no-brainer.

    Scott Hogrefe

    VP Marketing, Netskope

Showpad makes it easy for your sales reps to give beautiful,
relevant sales presentations that impress even the most
educated buyers – every time. Try it today.

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