Showpad for Marketing

Showpad for Marketing

Say goodbye to version control issues and mixed messaging

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Centralize and control content

Stop worrying about whether sales reps are using the most recent or on-brand materials in meetings. Any edits made to whitepapers, videos, presentation decks, and other materials are instantly updated for sales, so that you never have a problem with version control.

Measure content’s true value

Stack-rank which content salespeople use – or don’t – in meetings, and see which materials actually helped to close deals. Create a product marketing strategy based on real insights, like how much revenue a piece of content contributed to during the sales process.

Craft the right message

With Content Recommendations, marketing can guide sales to the right story for every situation – by industry, persona, company size, and more. Even better, the recommendations become smarter as salespeople use them, so no need to meticulously update regularly.

  • With Showpad, sales reps look at content at four times the rate than when content was located on other content tools – that’s a 300% increase in activity.

    Jeremy McCullough

    Schneider Electric

Showpad makes it easy for marketers to help salespeople give beautiful,
relevant sales presentations that impress even the most
educated buyers – every time.

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