With Showpad, marketers can centralize content in one place and help sales teams easily find, present and share it. They can also track how salespeople use it to close deals and identify pieces that lead to new business. The end result is more brand control, more effective content and better marketing ROI.

64% of buyers say vendors give them too much content 50% of buyers say most of the content they get is ‘useless'
Research source: Forrester

Activate your content

Maximize content effectiveness

Learn which content salespeople use the most in meetings, and more important, which materials are most effective in helping to close deals. See the exact amount of revenue each piece of content helped to generate. Thanks to these in-depth content analytics you can inform and strengthen your marketing strategy.

Centralize content management

Stop worrying about whether sales reps are using the most recent or on-brand materials in meetings. With Showpad, you can manage and share sales content from one central hub. Any edits made to whitepapers, videos, presentation decks, and other materials are instantly updated for sales, so that you never have a problem with version control.

Simplify content distribution

Make sure salespeople easily find the materials that are most relevant to their prospects and spend less time creating their own content. By recommending the most effective content for a specific sales situation, you can help your reps close deals faster.

  • With Showpad, sales reps look at content at four times the rate than when content was located on other content tools - that’s a 300% increase in activity.

    Jeremy McCullough

    Marketing Manager,
    Schneider Electric

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