Showpad’s sales enablement solution helps sales teams more easily and professionally present and share company content with their prospects. Salespeople can also automatically log meetings in their CRM, track customer behavior, and better target communication, ultimately helping them to close more deals.

Salespeople only spend 35.9% of their time selling 44% of salespeople miss their quota
Research source: Accenture, Aberdeen Group

Sales enablement simplified

Increase sales productivity

Find, present and share any type of content (PDF, PPT, XLS, HTML5, video and more) with prospects from any device – tablet, desktop, or mobile phone. If that’s not enough flexibility, create your own customized sales presentations by mixing and matching the most relevant material for any given customer.

Improve customer engagements

Don’t worry if you don’t have the time to dig up the most relevant piece of content for your prospect. Showpad will automatically suggest which content is most effective for any opportunity in Salesforce. Receive prospect insights that help you understand your prospects’ wants and needs, and then follow up with more targeted communication.

Shorten sales training

Reduce ramp-up time for new salespeople by streamlining sales onboarding material and easily guiding them through it. No more disorganized documents that end up at the bottom of a desk drawer. With Showpad, you can create a digital hub sales trainees can return to whenever they have questions.

  • With Showpad, our account managers no longer waste time preparing for customer visits, and can spend more time in front of the customer. Now, 41% of our account managers are selling more products.

    Ellen Elaut

    Marketing Manager,

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