Make it easy for buyers
to buy.

Learn how to build the seamless buyer engagements that help your people close more deals, faster.

Meet the modern B2B buyer.

Today’s buyers find themselves in a tough spot: more empowered by access to mountains of self-serve marketing content, and more in need of high-quality seller engagement than ever.

77 %

of buyers say their last purchase was difficult or complex


of buyers prefer remote human interactions.


17 %

of buyers’ time is spent meeting with potential suppliers.


Then start meeting buyers on their terms.

Given buyer access to on-demand content and a desire to protect limited time resources, the ideal buying journey is now:


Buyers now complete 57% of their journey before contacting sales. 

B2B marketing and sales teams must adapt their engagement strategy to remain relevant in a buyer-led process.


Individual sellers get as little as 5% of a buyer’s purchase time for engagement. 

Sales success depends on a company’s ability to optimize every human touchpoint.

Fueled by insight

6-10 decision-makers are typically involved in a purchase.

The relevance and value of each interaction relies on access to detailed buying team data and insights.

Reboot your buying team experience.

Modern buying is hard. And old-school selling tactics are struggling to solve the complexity.

But with 83% of B2B decision-makers finding that new selling models offer a more effective way to create connections,
it’s clear that a fresh approach can elevate the experience for buyers in every industry – from technology and manufacturing to healthcare and medical devices – and boost your long-term revenue growth.

Build an insight-powered partnership between your sales and marketing teams and start bringing clarity to every buying journey.

Bring people power to digital-first buying journeys.


Bring people power to digital-first buying journeys.

Enable sales and marketing to supercharge the modern buying team experience.