From Reactive to Proactive:
Transform your Enablement


Changing buyer expectations and an unpredictable economic landscape are adding more and more complexity to the modern selling process. It has become clear that sales needs support to overcome these challenges. But this type of support from different departments such as Marketing, Learning & Development and Sales Operations can oftentimes be chaotic for sales and have an adverse effect.

How well is your enablement strategy working for your sales and marketing teams? Are you looking for ways to improve your strategies, processes and resources?

Join us on April 11 at 12:00pm (CST) for our webinar “From Reactive to Proactive: Transform your Sales Enablement” – where Showpad Strategic Advisor and enablement expert Tamara Schenk will explore:

  • How a digital misunderstanding led to hybrid selling
  • Challenges for sales enablement in a VUCA world
  • The Enablement Maturity Model and Calculator 
  • Ways to find out where you stand (and start making improvements).

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of buyers expect a hybrid selling experience1


of buyers rely more on digital tools to get the job done2


of sellers claim they struggle to access relevant content2

The Four Domains of the Enablement Maturity Model

The Four Domains of the Enablement Maturity Model

Sales enablement is crucial to the growth and success of your sales team – and the success of your business. Take a look below to see how we define the four domains of sales enablement:

  • Sales Content Management: How you store, manage, distribute and govern all of the content assets – both internal and external – that customer-facing professionals need to succeed along the entire buyer journey
  • Sales Readiness: How knowledge is transferred and sales skill developed. Supported by targeted coaching across the entire sales cycle
  • Sales Effectiveness: Empowering sellers to do the right thing at the right time and driving continuous improvement in buyer-seller conversations
  • Buyer Engagement: Delivering an interactive and impactful evaluation experience that proves a solution’s business value to multiple buyer stakeholders